Understanding PixelSquid Spinners

A PixelSquid Spinner lets you rotate and spin any Design-Ready Object to find the angle that works for you. You can preview a 360 of any object on a search page or actually spin the object to find the right angle on the object’s Product Page.

Previewing Spinners on the Search Page

Hovering over an object on the search page will initiate a 360 spin of the object. This can be a great way to get a better sense of what the object looks like from multiple angles.

  1. Hovering initiates the 360 spin.
  2. Clicking the object will bring you to the product page. (see below)
  3. You can also add the object to one or multiple Photoshop lightboxes.
  4. Object currently added to a lightbox or lightboxes.


Using Spinners on the Product Page

The product page contains quite a few useful features including the ability to spin and rotate the object to find an angle.

  1. Use the Spinner to find your angle.
  2. Choose the file you want to download
  3. or add the file to a Photoshop lightbox.
  4. You can click on other objects in the library that fit the same category.
  5. Tags can be another great way to see other objects that share similar properties but may be part of a completely different category.
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