Adding Objects to Photoshop

Use your Lightboxes on to add and organize objects that you want to use in the Photoshop plug-in. Once you add an object to a Lightbox, it will appear in the plug-in’s Library panel, and you will be able to easily add that object to your composition. Click here to learn more about using PixelSquid Lightboxes.

Library Panel

Library Panel@2x

  1. Use the Search field to search for new objects on the PixelSquid site. Searching for an object will bring up the PixelSquid website in a browser window with the search results. Use the PixelSquid website to add objects to your Lightboxes.
  2. Use the tabs to toggle between Free, Search and Lightboxes to navigate your library. 
  3. If you’re not seeing recently added objects try switching to another Lightbox and back.
  4. To add an object to your composition, simply click the object thumbnail. This will bring up the Spinner panel, and add the object to your composition as a Smart Object layer.


Spinner Panel

Spinner Panel@2x


  1. Click the Add New button to add a new object to your composition. This will not replace the current layer.
  2. Simply press your left mouse button and drag your mouse around in the Spinner window to rotate and spin the object. This works exactly the same as the PixelSquid website. For scale and transform you can continue to use Photoshop’s transform tools to move your object around.
  3. You can choose to leave ground shadows on or turn them off. Simple slide the toggle to remove shadows or turn them back on.
  4. For quicker interaction, leave the Resolution toggle on Low. When you’ve found your angle and you’re done manipulating the rotation of your object, slide to the toggle to High for a sharper result.
  5. Embed Smart Object – This option will download the full resolution version of the object and replace the current layer as an editable Smart Object in your composition. This is a very powerful option, as it leaves your composition intact but gives you the full features of a powerful layered PSD. Simply double-click the newly created Smart Object layer to open the embedded PSD and access all the features.
  6. Use the Menu icon to access tutorials, submit feedback, reload the plug-in, clear cache or to logout of your PixelSquid account. Once you’re done editing and you’re happy with the angle of your object, you can choose to either leave it live for later rotation and manipulation, or you can “bake” into your comp. Baking removes all rotation capabilities, but does offer some powerful new features.


Free & Watermarked Panel

Free & Watermarked Panel@2x

  1. Free Tab – PixelSquid objects that are free to use and try out our plugin.
  2. Watermarked – All objects on PixelSquid are available for non-subscribers to use with a watermark on each object. 
  3. Lightboxes – You can build and create Lighboxes of frequently and favorite used objects on PixelSquid.
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