Licensing FAQ

How can I use PixelSquid content? What kind of licensing is available?

The PixelSquid Royalty Free License means that you only need to purchase the media once. No further payments are needed.

This allows you to use the images in any way, with four exceptions:

  1. You cannot resell the imagery as-is
  2. The images cannot be used in any way that implies an exclusive license (an example of this is a business logo)
  3. Use images for obscene, defamatory, or unlawful activities
  4. Misrepresent your own work

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to


Can I share images I’ve downloaded with other people on my team?

No, other team members are not licensed for those images, they need to also have purchased the image or be PixelSquid subscribers to use the images.


Can I use branded objects in my projects?

Branded objects are categorized with Editorial Use restrictions. These can only be used for newsworthy, non-commercial projects.


I have opted for a free membership. Can I use watermarked PixelSquid files for commercial projects?

No. The watermarked objects are intended for personal use only. You cannot use PixelSquid objects for published works, but you are free to use them for personal use while designing.


Can I use purchased PixelSquid images in commercial projects?

If you have purchased the image or have a membership to PixelSquid, you may use images as part of a larger work.This can be work for clients, artwork for sale, or many other uses outlined in our Royalty Free License.


Can I sell my work that has PixelSquid images?

There are limitations to where and how you can sell works you have made that include PixelSquid images.

  1. Any PixelSquid images must be part of a larger work.
  2. You cannot sell your images on Stock Imagery Clearinghouses (Shutterstock, Getty Images, etc.

The sale of images on your own site or personal shop is allowed. Examples of this are Etsy, Society6, and Shopify.


My PixelSquid download is slow. What’s going on?

If you are downloading a large amount of content, it may have triggered our security measures. Please contact us and we can resolve the issue.

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