Design-Ready Objects


Objects Sourced from 3D

What makes PixelSquid design objects truly unique is that they are sourced from 3D objects, yet they require no 3D experience to use them. You’re not actually creating 3D, you’re simply creating with 3D. This new workflow opens up new creative possibilities and can be very inspiring. Sourcing images from 3D also means you not only get every object at multiple angles, but that you also get some very unique content for you designs.

Every Object is Spinnable

A PixelSquid Spinner lets you rotate and spin any design object to find the angle that works for you. Each Spinner is created from 225 individual angles, and the lighting has been designed to assure that every single angle looks consistent.


2K Resolution

Images downloaded from a PixelSquid Spinner are 2k (2048 x 2048 pixels). Since these images are derived from sharp, pixel-perfect 3D renders, you’ll find that they do hold up well to scaling beyond 100%.


Pixel-Perfect Transparency

Every PixelSquid image has pixel-perfect transparency, which means it can be used immediately in any design without having to worry about tedious masking. This includes perfectly masked trees, plants and flowers as well as semi-transparent mask for objects containing glass and liquid.



PNG, PSD, or plugin

Once you find the right angle, you can download either a PNG or layered PSD with perfect transparency or use our Photoshop plug-in to load PixelSquid objects directly into your Photoshop composites.

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